Creating a rule book is essential to introduce the purpose of your board game and to outline the rules of play to the players and they will be looked upon time and time again. 

 To create your own board game instructions booklet or custom card game guide with us as we have game booklets which you can customize to suit your game design. They come in many different standard sizes and with different number of pages which you can choose from, depending on how many instructions, amount of game background and introduction your table top game or card game needs. Your custom instructions booklet will be printed in full color 4C/4C onto high quality 128gsm/157gsm art paper with a saddle sewn binding, finished off with a water varnish so your beautiful designs will be printed at top standards as well as being strong enough to last many rounds of games, at a cost efficient price. Depending on the number of sides you choose, there will be different styles of folds (bi-fold, z-fold, accordion fold or the flat lay). The flat-lay design allows the booklet to be conveniently stored into the game box. Take a look at the video below to have a taste of how your instructions booklet could turn out.

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