Spinner Arrow

Spinner Arrow is made of plastic, it can be customized color. the length is also flexible.

paper stock

cultural paper mainly includes coated paper, offset paper and light-weight paper. Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is premium printing paper made from base paper with white coating and is mainly used as cover and illustrations for high-class books and periodicals, colored pictures, upscale advertisements, samples, goods packages and trademarks. Offset paper is suitable for high-speed sheet-fed offset printing and commercial rotary printing, and is mainly used for offset-printed books, textbooks, periodicals, notebooks, covers, colored pictorials, illustrations, colored pictures, advertising brochures, trademarks and product manuals. Light-weight paper features high bulk, thickness, high whiteness, good visual effect, good printing color restoration, and eyesight protection. It is mainly used to print books, periodicals, classic books and biographies. 

make your own dice

Dice are a fundamental part of many board games.

So why not design your own original and unique dice.?

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and make them your own.Our Custom Dices are only made of the best quality materials, it can be the any type and any color or any photo you desire.Your design could be words or even pictures, they can be created not only for the purpose of complimenting board and dice games, but also they can be great for personal gifts, marketing events, weddings, as well as for company promotions.

Custom Dice are fascinating for people who play games and many people who likes to have a collection of favorite dices. Custom-made Dices offer a large imprint area, we recommend these branded dice with your own logo, or to print different words/phrases on each side for marketing promotions.

Specially printed dice increase the perceived value of a game, as well increases the fun factor. A long time ago, creating a game prototype is hard to do, However we have the facility with the latest technology that we can flexibly produce any quantity of dice. Production runs of just one dice is possible.

Creating your own custom dice couldn’t be easier with our drag and drop dice maker interface. If you are unsure about customizing your dice along the way, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you develop the perfect dice games.

Let’s manufacturing your customized dice for you.


Dices take a very important role in a board games, We provide all kind of dices for clients’ choice, it can be a regular one or customized dices, not only the printing logo or words, but also the dice shape.

Color: white  / red / black / yellow / blue / green / transparent / customized color

Size: 8mm / 10mm /14mm /16mm / 20mm / customized size

Material: Acrylic /ABS / Glass / melamine / wood / Iron / EVA /Crystal / LED/ others

Shape: Cubic / Special size (Round/ sharp edge)



To get more exciting atmosphere, Chips will be added in the games. There are many kinds of chips in markets. Maretial: Acrylic / ABS / PS / Melamine / Aluminum / Plastic / Lether / Iron / Paper / wood / EVA / Others Color: White / Red / Yellow/ Others

Custom Miniatures

Have a great creative project idea but not sure how best to produce the final project?  Let us help you solve that challenge. Our designers team can help you understand your print and manufacturing options, and we are experts in complete prototyping services.  We can produce a single, color printed board game, comic, graphic novel or other 2D or 3D printed project that you can use to beta test, pitch or feature on your crowdfunding page.

packing box

Games Boxes

The presentation is everything. The base material is mainly non-foldable cardboard with high stiffness, such as various kinds of straw cardboard, rigid cardboard, double-sided heterochromatic cardboard for food, fiberboard, etc., the commonly used thickness is 1-3mm.
The inner lining is made of double adhesive paper, art paper, coated white paper or white corrugated paper, plastic, sponge, etc.
The choice of veneer materials is wide, including copperplate paper, imitation leather paper, flocking paper, various special papers, and cloth, silk, leather, and foil.
The printing method of veneer paper can be strong, and lithography, screen printing, and bronzing printing can be combined or used separately.
Box corner reinforcement can be fixed with tape, paper, cloth, and other methods.


Creating a rule book is essential to introduce the purpose of your board game and to outline the rules of play to the players and they will be looked upon time and time again. 

 To create your own board game instructions booklet or custom card game guide with us as we have game booklets which you can customize to suit your game design. They come in many different standard sizes and with different number of pages which you can choose from, depending on how many instructions, amount of game background and introduction your table top game or card game needs. Your custom instructions booklet will be printed in full color 4C/4C onto high quality 128gsm/157gsm art paper with a saddle sewn binding, finished off with a water varnish so your beautiful designs will be printed at top standards as well as being strong enough to last many rounds of games, at a cost efficient price. Depending on the number of sides you choose, there will be different styles of folds (bi-fold, z-fold, accordion fold or the flat lay). The flat-lay design allows the booklet to be conveniently stored into the game box. Take a look at the video below to have a taste of how your instructions booklet could turn out.

sand timer

The sand timer is a classic game component still used in many board games today. As each grain of sand drops, the suspense heightens. Every time you flip over the plastic sand timer, the countdown begins which forces players to think faster. If you have a player that takes a long time to make a decision, this component is perfect to add to an existing game or include in your own custom board game to make game play more exciting. It accurately measures time and makes sure each player has an equal amount of time for each turn.

Material: Plastic / Rasin / Glass / Wood / Metal / Crystal 

Timer: 30S/60S/5M/10M/30M/60M

Glass Timer
Wood Timer
Crystal Timer
Metal Timer
Plastic Timer
Fruit Timer
Oil Crystal Timer
Metal Timer

game board

Custom game boards and blank board games are the highest quality and most durable in the market. Our game boards come in various shape, sizes, and materials to meet your requirement.

In terms of durability for the folding game boards, we recommend the following finishing: UV coating, glossy PP lamination or matt PP lamination. We can offer various thickness of game boards for any board games you wish to make. Choose from square or rectangular shapes and different folding options such as bi-fold or quad-folds for your board games to fit your box. Game board options: 1.5/1.8/2MM chipboard wrapped with 128/157GSM embossed texture art paper.