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Color your day with all kind of funny games, we help to make customized & personalized board games, to produce OEM games. As a boar games maker, we devotes ourselves to drive all the great designs into reality.


Coponents for Board Games


Creating a rule book is essential to introduce the purpose of your board game and to outline the rules of play to the players and they will be looked upon time and time again.   To create your own board game instructions booklet or custom card game guide with us as we have game booklets which you can customize to suit your game design. They come in many different standard sizes and with different number of pages which you can choose from, depending on how many instructions, amount of game background and introduction your table top game or card game needs. Your custom instructions booklet will be printed in full color 4C/4C onto high quality 128gsm/157gsm art paper with a saddle sewn binding, finished off with a water varnish so your beautiful designs will be printed at top standards as well as being strong enough to last many rounds of games,

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sand timer

The sand timer is a classic game component still used in many board games today. As each grain of sand drops, the suspense heightens. Every time you flip over the plastic sand timer, the countdown begins which forces players to think faster. If you have a player that takes a long time to make a decision, this component is perfect to add to an existing game or include in your own custom board game to make game play more exciting. It accurately measures time and makes sure each player has an equal amount of time for each turn. Material: Plastic / Rasin / Glass / Wood / Metal / Crystal  Timer: 30S/60S/5M/10M/30M/60M Glass Timer Wood Timer Crystal Timer Metal Timer Plastic Timer Fruit Timer Oil Crystal Timer Metal Timer

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game board

Custom game boards and blank board games are the highest quality and most durable in the market. Our game boards come in various shape, sizes, and materials to meet your requirement. In terms of durability for the folding game boards, we recommend the following finishing: UV coating, glossy PP lamination or matt PP lamination. We can offer various thickness of game boards for any board games you wish to make. Choose from square or rectangular shapes and different folding options such as bi-fold or quad-folds for your board games to fit your box. Game board options: 1.5/1.8/2MM chipboard wrapped with 128/157GSM embossed texture art paper.

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How to properly work your games out

Work with our team in detail to shine your games  into reality

Doubting about the feasibility of your game? Wondering about what material works the best? For these kinds of questions, just send us a mail or talk to us and we are happy to help you figure things out.


Working with you together, we go through the game and make sure that everything comes out exactly as you imagine.  In short, we make sure that we manufacture what you had dreamed. We offer a wide range of services, from consultation, artwork checking, 3D modeling to shipping and fulfillment. We can assist you in any step in the production and manufacturing process.


Now it’s time to put it into production, Pretty soon the whole games will be finished with our strong printing facilities and production team.  Come and check by your own eyes, or appoint the 3rd party for a special pre-shipment check is also welcome.

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