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A leading board games designer and manufacturer in China

Color your day with all kind of funny games, we help to make customized & personalized board games, to produce OEM games. As a boar games maker, we devotes ourselves to drive all the great designs into reality.


Coponents for Board Games

Custom Miniatures

Have a great creative project idea but not sure how best to produce the final project?  Let us help you solve that challenge. Our designers team can help you understand your print and manufacturing options, and we are experts in complete prototyping services.  We can produce a single, color printed board game, comic, graphic novel or other 2D or 3D printed project that you can use to beta test, pitch or feature on your crowdfunding page.

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packing box

Games Boxes

The presentation is everything. The base material is mainly non-foldable cardboard with high stiffness, such as various kinds of straw cardboard, rigid cardboard, double-sided heterochromatic cardboard for food, fiberboard, etc., the commonly used thickness is 1-3mm.The inner lining is made of double adhesive paper, art paper, coated white paper or white corrugated paper, plastic, sponge, etc.The choice of veneer materials is wide, including copperplate paper, imitation leather paper, flocking paper, various special papers, and cloth, silk, leather, and foil.The printing method of veneer paper can be strong, and lithography, screen printing, and bronzing printing can be combined or used separately.Box corner reinforcement can be fixed with tape, paper, cloth, and other methods.

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How to properly work your games out

Work with our team in detail to shine your games  into reality

Doubting about the feasibility of your game? Wondering about what material works the best? For these kinds of questions, just send us a mail or talk to us and we are happy to help you figure things out.


Working with you together, we go through the game and make sure that everything comes out exactly as you imagine.  In short, we make sure that we manufacture what you had dreamed. We offer a wide range of services, from consultation, artwork checking, 3D modeling to shipping and fulfillment. We can assist you in any step in the production and manufacturing process.


Now it’s time to put it into production, Pretty soon the whole games will be finished with our strong printing facilities and production team.  Come and check by your own eyes, or appoint the 3rd party for a special pre-shipment check is also welcome.

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