make your own dice

Dice are a fundamental part of many board games.

So why not design your own original and unique dice.?

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and make them your own.Our Custom Dices are only made of the best quality materials, it can be the any type and any color or any photo you desire.Your design could be words or even pictures, they can be created not only for the purpose of complimenting board and dice games, but also they can be great for personal gifts, marketing events, weddings, as well as for company promotions.

Custom Dice are fascinating for people who play games and many people who likes to have a collection of favorite dices. Custom-made Dices offer a large imprint area, we recommend these branded dice with your own logo, or to print different words/phrases on each side for marketing promotions.

Specially printed dice increase the perceived value of a game, as well increases the fun factor. A long time ago, creating a game prototype is hard to do, However we have the facility with the latest technology that we can flexibly produce any quantity of dice. Production runs of just one dice is possible.

Creating your own custom dice couldn’t be easier with our drag and drop dice maker interface. If you are unsure about customizing your dice along the way, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you develop the perfect dice games.

Let’s manufacturing your customized dice for you.

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